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In the realm of educational technology, the need for dynamic and flexible solutions has never been more pressing. The evolution of educational technology is paving the way for dynamic and interactive classroom experiences. In response to this need, ScreenBeam introduces “Orchestrate”, an innovative product set to transform the traditional classroom setting into a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

The Challenge of Conventional Classroom 1:1 Solutions:

For years, classroom management technology has been anchored in a lab-like setup where students are confined to their desks, and teachers are tethered to the front of the room. This static arrangement often restricts the fluidity of interaction and collaboration, which are vital for a modern educational experience.

Revolutionizing Classrooms with Orchestrate:

Orchestrate by ScreenBeam is set to redefine the norms of classroom interaction. This innovative tool, not only liberates teachers from the front of the classroom but also empowers students by enabling them to interact and share content from anywhere in the room, not bound to a specific spot.

Empowering Teachers and Students:

The core philosophy of Orchestrate is enhancing teacher-student engagement in a 1:1 learning environment. By integrating wireless screen sharing and classroom management capabilities, it offers an unprecedented level of interaction. Teachers gain the freedom to teach from any point in the room, engaging students directly where they are seated, allowing every student to actively participate.

Advanced Features of Orchestrate:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Full-screen view of student activities, not limited to browser tabs.
  • Teacher-Moderated Student Presentation: Allows students to share their screens wirelessly with teacher approval.
  • Support for up to 50 Students: Facilitates collaboration by connecting multiple student devices.
  • Snip-to-Share: Teachers can easily share their screen content with students.
  • Ghost Inking™ Technology: Ensures a natural writing experience by eliminating wireless inking latency.
  • Concurrent Mode and Web Launch: Offers seamless transition between different teaching modes and instant website sharing on student devices.
  • Auto-join Rostering: Simplifies class session joining through rostering services.

The Game Changer: Wireless Display Technology:

The cornerstone of Orchestrate is its wireless display capability. Unlike many monitoring solutions that lack this feature, Orchestrate places instructional needs first. The wireless display technology not only supports a more dynamic teaching approach but also streamlines the integration of digital tools into the learning process.


Orchestrate by ScreenBeam is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a catalyst for an educational paradigm shift. By removing physical barriers in the classroom, it opens doors to a world of interactive, inclusive, and effective learning experiences. ScreenBeam’s vision with Orchestrate is not only to enhance the educational landscape but to inspire a new standard in classroom engagement and collaboration.

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