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Redefining the Classroom with David Lopez

Whiteboards, power-points, desktop computers, and overhead projectors are just some of the everyday tools that have characterized the primary school classroom for decades. Today, these tools have been exchanged for iPads, touchscreens, and tablets.

Despite this introduction of new, cutting-edge tech in education, David Lopez, senior manager of strategic alliances for education at ScreenBeam, argued that the classroom blueprint is largely unchanged. At its foundation, classrooms operate much as they did 100 years ago: rows of rigid desks front-facing a stationary teacher at the helm.

This structural foundation is where education is in need of innovation, and where technology can make impactful change.

Classroom Agility

Lopez defined what can transform a classroom environment with a simple phrase: “classroom agility.” Many teachers find themselves glued to their desk all day, stuck at the motherboard or command center of the classroom unable to fully engage with students. But, when armed with wireless tools like ScreenBeam 1100’s 4K wireless technology, teachers can leave their desk and freely navigate and command the whole room.

“Powerful teaching devices should enable agility,” Lopez said.

In today’s streaming-based society, Lopez finds himself asking: “Why are we still plugging in our computers when we go into a classroom?” With technology like ScreenBeam and Classroom Commander, teachers can quickly, easily, and wirelessly share work in real-time simply by turning on the tablet’s camera and streaming to the front of the classroom.

The result? An engaged group of students who can participate in more ways, sharing their work and collaborating with the class.

With technology Teachers have an opportunity to break the century-old structure and “wow students by showing live video of what that student is doing in class,” Lopez said.

The best kind of technology is the kind that integrates into people’s day to day to make lives simpler, easier, and more efficient. With this ethos in mind, ScreenBeam’s wireless, cable-free technology re-defines the workings of the modern classroom.

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