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In today’s classrooms where student engagement is a top priority, teachers are always seeking tools that enable better collaboration, creativity, and personalized learning.

But the tools need to be easy to use—and affordable—since no school district has money to burn.

That’s why the new Microsoft Whiteboard for Education collaborative app on Windows 10 devices and iPads used with wireless display technology is so exciting.

What is Microsoft Whiteboard for Education?

Microsoft Whiteboard for Education is a flexible, freeform digital canvas that lets users transform work into professional-looking charts and shapes with an interface designed for pen, touch, and keyboard. It’s a free application from Microsoft that can be downloaded from the store here.

Microsoft Whiteboard for Education + Wireless Display

With just a few clicks, a teacher can use wireless display technology to wirelessly connect their Windows 10 device or iPad to a room display, and then open the Microsoft Whiteboard for Education app. In a matter of minutes, teacher and students are using the creative, interactive platform, visible to everyone in the room, to work together on lessons or projects.

Teachers have used analog whiteboards for years for brainstorming and visually communicating ideas. Now, Microsoft Whiteboard for Education combined with wireless display builds on the traditional appeal of whiteboards by offering so many additional, compelling benefits.

A more flexible teaching environment:

A teacher is no longer confined to standing at a whiteboard in front of the room to teach. Thanks to wireless connectivity, they have the mobility to move around and use Microsoft Whiteboard for Education to present a lesson from anywhere in the classroom making it easier to interact one-on-one with students to provide personalized learning. A teacher can even stand with their back to the display and face students —yet still see what they are writing on the digital canvas—helping to stay engaged with students during an entire lesson.

And unlike traditional whiteboards that can get erased, with Microsoft Whiteboard for Education teachers can save boards to the cloud, so it’s easy to return to lessons in just seconds. Teachers can also export saved boards as images or share them as live links.

A more engaging learning environment:

Just like traditional whiteboards, Microsoft Whiteboard for Education makes it easy to organize and communicate ideas, but the addition of new background colors for each board makes boards easier to see, and different line styles are available for writing and graphing. There is even an option to export boards to OneNote Class Notebooks.

“We are very excited by ScreenBeam’s innovation with wireless display and how it seamlessly enables wireless Windows whiteboards,” says Itai Almog, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Whiteboard. “Teachers using the new Microsoft Whiteboard for Education app from anywhere in the classroom will be able to take collaboration and student interaction to a new level.”

Want to learn more about how Microsoft Whiteboard for Education combined with wireless display technology creates a classroom environment where students with different learning styles thrive? Contact us.

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