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Whenever teachers want to share a lesson on the class display, they’re often shuffling back and forth between their computer and students. While this process may initially seem adequate, Jim Yanuzzelli, an Instructional Technology Specialist and former history teacher discovered that this disrupted the flow of conversations with his students. To improve the classroom dynamics, he integrated ScreenBeam wireless display. Watch this inspirational webinar recording to hear Jim’s story.

Here are 5 simple ways to enhance classroom dynamics with ScreenBeam wireless display:

Be Untethered from Projector Cables

With ScreenBeam, teachers are no longer chained to the front of the classroom with their computer and projector. Having the flexibility to teach anywhere in the room while presenting a lesson makes it easy for teachers to see if students need help, give immediate feedback, and discretely redirect off-task behaviors.

Create a Mobile Document Camera

To share student work without disrupting lesson flow, snap a picture of a student’s worksheet using a computer camera, then provide digital ink annotations. Share the annotations on the projector to spark deeper class discussions. If students are working on a makerspace project, wirelessly share live video of the makerspace from the computer camera to the class display. No need for students to crowd around to see each other’s work anymore.

Give Your Tablet to a Student and Showcase Student Work

Students love interacting with technology. Hand a tablet to a student. Then ask the student to digitally ink on the tablet related to the class assignment. Other students can see the student’s work in real time on the class display. This strategy empowers student voice and encourages shy students to feel more comfortable sharing their ideas.

Apply Extend Mode to Keep the Entire Class Engaged

For devices that support Extend Mode, such as Windows 10, share a video or a class activity on the projector screen, while reviewing homework with a group of students—all on the same device.

Boost Collaboration with Wireless Touchback

The digital inking on a computer can be wirelessly shared to a large display. Add Windows 10 wireless touchback, and digital inking from a large touch panel will automatically be sent back to computers. This bi-directional digital inking technology encourages collaboration and creates another strategy for teachers to give immediate feedback to students.

Have you discovered other ways ScreenBeam has improved the dynamics in your classroom? We want to hear from you! Send an e-mail to


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