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If there’s one edtech app that can effectively capture and sustain students’ attention through immersive game-based learning experiences across various subjects, it’s Minecraft: Education Edition.

Minecraft Encourages Student-Led Learning

With Minecraft, students enjoy going on digital scavenger hunts and building Minecraft worlds to showcase their understanding of key concepts. Students’ eyes instantly light up when they get a chance to dive into Minecraft projects. It creates a new level of collaboration that helps students develop communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Not only does Minecraft spark students’ curiosity and creativity, it also makes learning fun and meaningful for students.

The Challenge of Being Tethered to the Front of the Classroom

When teachers want to show good student work or share information on their computer to students, they are often tethered to the front of the class with projector cables, a computer, and desk. While teachers are chained to their desk, this makes it hard for teachers to capitalize on teachable moments and interact with students efficiently.

ScreenBeam Untethers Teachers to Enable Classroom Agility

Dean Vendramin, a math and science teacher at Archbishop M.C. O’Neil High School, discovered an easy way to share information from his computer and show students’ Minecraft creations on the class display. With a ScreenBeam wireless display receiver attached to the classroom projector, Dean no longer has to shuffle back and forth between his desk and students anymore. He appreciates how ScreenBeam enables him to create classroom agility. He loves walking around the room to help students out while sharing Minecraft projects on the class display to spark deeper class discussions.

“With ScreenBeam, I am now able to interact with my students more efficiently and effectively. I am more in tune and aware with the learning going on, and I am able to capitalize on teachable moments—building, sharing, and playing with ‘no strings attached.”

– Dean Vendramin, Math and Science Teacher at Archbishop M.C. O’Neil High School, Regina, Canada

To read Dean’s full blog on the impact of pairing ScreenBeam with Minecraft, click here.

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