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Today, we’re thrilled to officially launch the ScreenBeam Better Together Blog. Our mission of this blog is to help teachers get the most value from the edtech tools they use in their classroom with ScreenBeam wireless display solutions.

To facilitate higher levels of student engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking, teachers are pairing various classroom technologies with ScreenBeam. Integrating ScreenBeam into the toolkit not only enables teachers to create deeper relationships with students, but it also sparks more “ah-ha” moments and deeper class discussions that foster a love of learning in students.

What are the tools that teachers love to pair with ScreenBeam?

As a starting point, our ScreenBeam Educator Experts have found 6 tools that are better with ScreenBeam in their classrooms.

  • OneNote is a digital notebook that helps teachers and students efficiently organize their materials. Pairing OneNote with ScreenBeam increases student engagement and enables classroom agility while teaching, using one of the best instructional technology tools available.
  • Minecraft is a game-based learning platform that empowers students to showcase understanding of concepts. Adding ScreenBeam and Classroom Commander to the Minecraft classroom enables the teacher to be mobile and encourages students to share their ideas with each other.
  • Lifeliqe is a visual learning platform that includes interactive 3D models, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Integrating ScreenBeam into Lifeliqe activities enhances student interactions and student voice.
  • Formative is an interactive assessment platform that enables teachers to provide immediate feedback. With ScreenBeam, teachers love the flexibility to roam the room and simultaneously share real-time feedback on the big screen with the entire class.
  • SAM Labs is a fun and interactive coding kit that brings STEAM learning to life. Combining SAM Labs with ScreenBeam enables teachers to show live pictures or videos of students’ makerspace projects on the class display. This simple yet powerful setup increases student engagement and improves the flow of lessons.
  • G-Hold is a tablet holder that prevents tablets from slipping away. As teachers use ScreenBeam to give wireless presentations, they appreciate the ability to comfortably hold their tablet and the flexibility to present with hand gestures at the same time.

What to do next? Learn more about the different ways teachers are using ScreenBeam with various tools to unlock students’ potential and subscribe to the blog.  Approximately every 2-3 weeks, you’ll receive practical tips and inspirational anecdotes on how to make the most of your classroom technologies from our ScreenBeam Educator Experts who speak from their own experiences.

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