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“Formative supplies me the data and ScreenBeam provides the classroom agility to engage my entire class in meaningful discussions based on student work.”

The thing I love about Formative is that it produces timely and effective data that is useful for the student learning process and teacher instructional decision making. It has a user-friendly platform that allows a lot of flexibility and differentiation. I also love the community that Formative is building in their community center. Many great educators sharing teaching strategies, tools, and more.

Formative assessment has provided students opportunity to engage in their learning and be active in process. It has created an environment where students take more risks, look forward to feedback, show their learning in ways that make sense to them, and focus on a growth mindset. The ability to share student work and learning attempts in real time and engage in timely discussions has been amazing. This has really promoted the learning process, as students are more willing to take and share risks. We can now examine, compare and contrast student works like never before.

Enable Classroom Agility

Before using ScreenBeam, I was tethered to the front of the class and still had to wait for students to come to me to have discussions based on Formative results. So not every student felt comfortable with this procedure. ScreenBeam has given me the freedom go to the student rather than hope the student comes to me when sharing their understanding of a concept. Formative supplies me the data and ScreenBeam provides the classroom agility to engage my entire class in meaningful discussions based on student work. I can share feedback from anywhere in the room and a be able to address student voice more effectively and efficiently with the mobility that ScreenBeam affords me.

Create Interactive Learning Spaces

I feel that the combination of ScreenBeam and Formative has allowed my class to become more fluid, directed, and interactive. The ability to gather data, work with students one on one, and share learning attempts in timely fashion has really taken my classroom to another level. The freedom and flexibility that has been afforded has had a great impact on how I teach and I look forward to honing the learning opportunities that using both these tools produce.

Increase Student Engagement

I believe that using ScreenBeam and Formative in tandem has created a more open and inviting environment for my students to learn. They can conduct formative assessments, get real time responses, have more engaging one to one discussions, and build positive relationships with their teacher and peers. I feel there is more risk taking in this environment as their learning is shared, validated, and recognized and not just something that is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ They become more engaged in the learning process, and they appreciate the timely interactions and feedback.

Share Real-Time Feedback Anywhere in the Room

Using these amazing tools in tandem has been a huge factor into ‘ditching’ my desk. The variety of data I receive, and the feedback the students get in real time, combined with the ability to: 1) show results, 2) engage in one to one discussions, 3) break off into small groups, or 4) bring it back to full class presentation – has definitely been a game changer. Our classroom has become more focused, and I’m able to freely interact and get down in the ‘trenches’ where the ‘magic’ happens.

I have gotten to know my students better, and I am able to observe and get data on learning styles. I believe I am seen more as a lead learner and the guide on the side, as I am constantly working with the students instead of standing at the front of class. This transformational and positive change is made possible through the powerful abilities that using ScreenBeam and Formative offer. Definitely, ScreenBeam and Formative are better together.

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