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Bigger IS better when viewing content on a screen. That includes your favorite movie, family photos, classroom lesson, workplace presentation and YouTube videos.

That’s why Miracast is a popular technology for anyone who wants to share content on one screen to another screen. Simply, it wirelessly mirrors what’s on the screen of one device onto another screen for easy viewing and access. It’s that easy.

And it’s not just a screen-mirroring technology. It can be so much more. Teachers use it to improve student comprehension and engagement. Salespeople, business managers, and many others use this technology every day to do their jobs more effectively.

Miracast has been around for a very long time and ratified by the Wi-Fi alliance. Best of all it’s a native feature in many of today’s modern devices, and eliminates the need for cables and adapters.

So whether you’re using this technology in the office, classroom or home, here’s everything you need to know about Miracast—What it is, what it does, and how you can use it.

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