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I just delivered a keynote at the Microsoft Education Exchange (E2) digital conference where I asked the question, “How can technology enhance classroom agility?

Classroom agility is the ability to quickly and easily move in the classroom, and through that movement quickly observe, assess and respond to dynamics in the classroom.

Teachers in an agile classroom are constantly in motion: monitoring students, answering individual questions, making suggestions, utilizing proximity control gestures and re-tasking those off task.  Classroom agility can also apply to students.  They should feel comfortable moving around the room, collecting resources and collaborating with peers.  When teachers and students are simultaneously active, we have an agile classroom.  Therefore, the ABC’s of classroom agility are:

  • Active environment that elicits correct and rapid responses.
  • Behaviors can easily be observed and measured.
  • Consequences can quickly be developed and acted out.

So that leads us to ask: what technology enables classroom agility?  The answer is ScreenBeam wireless display solutions.  ScreenBeam creates a wireless point-to-point connection between the teacher’s device and the display.  It provides the flexibility to walk around the room while projecting lessons on the big screen and interacting with the entire class at the same time.

ScreenBeam wireless display allows teachers to transform their classrooms into agile, interactive learning spaces, with room for both collaboration and personalized learning.  In an agile classroom or active environment, students are engaged.  When teachers allow students to share their work from their device onto the big screen, students gain the opportunity to demonstrate their deep understanding or intelligence.

In an agile classroom, teachers easily observe and measure behaviors and document formative assessments.  They also quickly reach each student to deliver descriptive feedback.  The result?  Teachers now enjoy the ABC’s of classroom agility while keeping the lesson flowing.  ScreenBeam wireless display solutions enhance classroom agility, enabling teachers to have a constant, active presence in the classroom.

Check out my keynote from E2 where I highlight the cool features and capabilities of ScreenBeam wireless display solutions and show you how this technology enhances classroom agility.

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