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Dedicated to the positive transformation of education, the BETT Conference in London proved to be a game-changer this year.  Educators, superintendents and IT professionals came from all over the world to the conference to explore emerging technologies with the hopes of finding the complete solution for their school.  We had hundreds of attendees visit our booth to witness our solution and see how ScreenBeam fits into the digital shift.

In our booth, we demonstrated how with ScreenBeam 960, our high-performance wireless display receiver that supports interactive touch display, teachers can walk around the room delivering their presentation while students make changes and comments on the interactive touch screen. Now teachers can make changes on their computers or tablets from anywhere in the room, either on their touch screen or using an input device.  At the same time, teachers or students standing at the touch-enabled display can make changes as well which then appear back on the teacher’s source device.  See ScreenBeam 960 in action as our very own Jerome Moret and David Charbit demonstrate interactive touch and wireless inking.

Microsoft Whiteboard Application is a Perfect Complement to ScreenBeam 960

Our position in the marketplace was made even more evident as Microsoft prominently featured their digital whiteboard application at the conference this year.  Specifically designed for teachers and students, the whiteboard software turns any touch-enabled display into a whiteboard and allows multiple people to wirelessly ink by using a stylus pen or simply their finger to write what they will.  The application comes with shape recognition, so drawing basic shapes is also easy and clear.  Added to that, the application supports OneNote so teachers can capture the collaboration from the big screen and share instantly with students.

When you add together a touch-enabled display, Microsoft’s whiteboard application and the ScreenBeam 960, teachers are not only untethered from the projector, they can get the exact same effect as a smart board at a fraction of the cost. Superintendents and IT professionals have the opportunity for less expensive technology refreshes, paving the way for reserved resources to be spent on other applications to enhance the student learning experience.

As Microsoft’s co-engineering partner for wireless display capabilities in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with Continuum and with the emergence of their whiteboard application, I believe that our ScreenBeam solution and our relationship with Microsoft is positioned to provide our customers with compelling solutions for years to come.

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