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I attend my fair share of industry events over the course of a year. Last year I was approached by a teacher who told me: “I have been a teacher for a long time. I have gone from a classroom of 24 students to a classroom of 32 students in the past 10 years. The kids are more and more detached. No matter the lesson plan, no matter the multimedia I integrate, I struggle to gain and maintain their attention. Then we got ScreenBeam wireless display. . .”

I hear this story all over the country. Teachers telling me how ScreenBeam wireless display has transformed their classroom. The mobility that ScreenBeam provides allows them to check in with each child while staying on task with their lesson plan. Their students are now actively engaged, participating in the lessons and collaborating with peers for enhanced learning.

I am so thankful for those interactions. Those stories validate our business model and provide proof that wireless display is at the tipping point of taking classrooms and conference rooms by storm.

The Shift to Miracast
There is a significant technological shift to Miracast™, the wireless display standard for replacing wired connections. Manufacturers of modern devices are eliminating display ports and other physical connectors and modern operating systems are firmly locked in wireless display capabilities. ScreenBeam is Miracast-certified and runs on Windows and Android devices that support the Miracast standard.

What’s New for ScreenBeam in 2017
We are seeing more and more companies and classrooms making the move to wireless display. As the only true commercial-grade wireless display receiver on the market, ScreenBeam has been the trusted partner for millions of wireless display customers.

With that kind of clout comes responsibility.

Actiontec is working on a number of value-added applications and services that will be available to all ScreenBeam users. The ScreenBeam engineering team is working closely with Microsoft in their Redstone 2 update of Windows 10 to enhance wireless display capabilities for their users. And, in the latter part of 2017 our engineers will be working on technology enhancements and advancements, bringing additional features to ScreenBeam 960, creating opportunities for Actiontec authorized dealer partners to provide continued value and support to their customers.

As wireless display continues to gain momentum, I look forward to creating more connections and putting our solution into the hands of teachers, business and healthcare professionals.

We are all connected. The only difference is that now we no longer need wires.

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