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We all love Windows 10 — four hundred million of us and counting.  But how many of us can be considered a Windows guru?  I’m talking about those of us who eat, sleep and breathe by way of Windows.  To see where you fit on the spectrum, take this short quiz:

☐  You call on Cortana at least once a week to help you navigate your life.
☐  Using a mouse or touch pad is for suckers.  You use the Alt+Tab shortcut key to switch between windows.
☐  Your typing skills have gone south since you discovered OneNote’s optical character recognition.
☐  Since collaborating on SharePoint, you feel like Suzy from customer service finally understands you.
☐  Upon arriving at a satellite office, you act like a brain surgeon when asking for a keyboard and mouse to connect your phone using Continuum.
☐  You feel like either a) your brain might explode, or b) you’ve reached a higher level of enlightenment after attending a Microsoft conference or workshop.
☐  You project an impromptu slideshow of your recent Microsoft conference for your coworkers using the Windows Key + P.
☐  You’re positioning yourself as a tech leader by using ScreenBeam wireless display receiver to share presentations on the big screen – like a BOSS.

So how do you rank?

0-2 – You’re a Windows Rookie.  You know the game but there’s a lot more ground to be fielded.
3-4 – You’re a Windows Believer.  You’ve experienced the profound effect that it has on your life.
5-6 – You’re a Windows Specialist.  The majority of your day is spent showing coworkers cool Windows features.
7-8 – You’re a Windows Guru.  Congratulations!  You are the embodiment of the spirit of a Satya Nadella speech.

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