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We have all had our share of challenges working in IT.  I think you’ll find that Marc’s situation sounds all too familiar.  Who’s Marc, you ask?  Marc is the IT Manager of a small school district.  Every year, a few of Marc’s projector and display wires go missing, and every year Marc wonders just how much it would cost the school to run the wires through the walls.  According to Principal Andrews, the answer is too much, Marc.

What about Mr. Lucy’s contemporary film class?  They’re always monopolizing the school’s network.  Marc thinks there’s room in the budget for extra bandwidth this year.  Principal Andrews is shaking his head for a hard no, Marc.

Let’s give Marc a break and introduce him to ScreenBeam 750 wireless display receiver.

Perfect for small to medium deployments, ScreenBeam 750 creates a point-to-point connection between the source device and display, saving the school’s valuable bandwidth.  ScreenBeam 750 is compatible with modern Windows and Android devices and includes a built-in Central Management System for remote IT management so Marc can configure, deploy and manage from the comfort of his desk.

Marc approves.  And at a price-point of only a fraction of the infrastructure and bandwidth costs, Principal Andrews approves!  You should too.

Want more information information on ScreenBeam 750?  Click here for the data sheet.  Looking for a larger deployment?  Watch for our blog next week on Dan’s deployment of ScreenBeam 960.

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