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Something new is afoot.

Visitors who’ve been to our site before will see that we’ve undergone a transformation and I encourage you to take a look around. Our new site sports simplified navigation, more videos, a new chat feature and this important communications tool – our new blog.

Another transformation is the works as well. By freeing students, medical professionals, business people and consumers from the constraints of the wired world, ScreenBeam wireless display is changing the way we work, innovate, collaborate and create.

How, you may ask?

Right off, you should know about Miracast. Miracast is the global standard for wireless display ratified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This is incredibly important because it ensures consistent customer experiences between devices and displays. All ScreenBeam devices are Miracast-enabled.

Next, here’s what wireless display does for you — when you walk into a conference room, meeting room, or classroom, you can sit anywhere in the room and within seconds “tap or click to connect.” There is no fumbling to find the right cable or display adapter! Plus, our commercial-class devices are remotely manageable, making it easy for IT to maintain and manage the devices from one central location.

But the true power of ScreenBeam is in our user’s stories. Over the course of this blog, we’ll bring you stories of how ScreenBeam wireless display has transformed, inspired and engaged our customers in new and innovative ways. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and you’ll get regular updates about ScreenBeam and our customer stories.

Have a question or comment? We want to hear from you. Leave a comment on this blog, or contact us by email, chat, Twitter or phone.

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